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International and National Conferences in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country in central Europe and bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Croatia to the southeast, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast and Italy to the west. Slovenia is officially known as the Republic of Slovenia. Forests, lakes, mountains are the attracted place in Slovenia. It is a beautiful landscapes country and the adventure seekers and nature lovers are loved this place much more. In Slovenia almost everybody speaks English. Slovenia has been organizing various national and international conferences, events and seminars every year. Researchers, Scalars, academicians and students are the main part of these conferences. This country is organizing International conferences on Computer Sciences, environment, health, business, and engineering.

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Find all upcoming European International Conferences on Social Science and Economics, Innovation and Management, Engineering and Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Medical Science, Psychology, Language and Teaching, Natural Science and Environment, Law and Political Science, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Applied Physics and Mathematics, Advances in Business Management and Information Technology, Forestry Food and Sustainable Agriculture, Mechanical & Production Engineering etc.

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