International Academic Conference on Information Science

International academic conferences is an opportunity for academics, researchers, students and specialist, to present the results of their research efforts in front of academicians and professionals in a certain field of study and their work or theories are learn more about the most recent findings in the same field. It brings together people who share a common discipline from different parts of the world, bringing different forms of ideas in same disciplines which build into something greater. While you are attending international conferences you get to travel to a new place and discover its unique culture, tradition, living style, architecture, attractions, cuisine etc.  Professional conference differs from an academic conference in having broader goals and usually a much broader attendance. Students are more benefited by an international academic conference provide them a platform for learning, networking, skill development and exposure to new ideas and developed them to develop their respective fields.

 Information science is the science which dealing with the information, data storage, effective collection retrieval. It is concerned with recordable information, technology and related services and its management. Information system development, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, wearable computing, big data and data science, computer security and IT forensics, virtual reality, human computer interaction, ubiquities computing are some examples of information science. Information science is the field of science that addressing the problems of effective communication of knowledge and records the knowledge among humans in the context of individual uses and needs of information, social and institutional information.

International conference on Information Science provides a forum for academicians, professionals and researchers from various engineering fields and with cross-disciplinary interests and working in industry, artificial intelligence and data science. The main aim of information science is to improve the way information is created, shared and used in order to improve knowledge, support better decision making and enhance overall productivity.

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