International Academic Conference on Metallurgy Technology

International academic conferences bring together people who share a common discipline from different parts of the world, bringing different forms of ideas in same disciplines which build into something greater. It is an opportunity for academician, researcher, student and specialist, to present the results of their research efforts in front of professionals and experts in a certain field of study. While you are attending international conferences you get to travel to a new place and discover its unique culture, tradition, living style, architecture, attractions, cuisine etc.  Professional conference differs from an academic conference in having broader goals and usually a much broader attendance.

Metallurgy is a technique for extracting metals in their natural and unprocessed state. The complexes of metal                    

combined with sand, soil, rock and limestone and these metals are recovered from minerals for commercial purposes. From metallurgy a useful product are produced and helps for manufacturing and construction. Where mineral mining takes place like Canada, Australia and USA, there are a lot of career opportunities for metallurgy. It encompasses both the science and the technology of metals. Material Science aims to bring together professionals, research scholars and scientists from academic and industrial sectors to exchange ideas and knowledge about Material Science in an international academic conference. International conference on Material Science and Nanotechnology, International conference on Engineering Materials and Metallurgy, International conference on Metallurgy, Materials science and engineering are some upcoming conferences in 2024/25. Scientists, researchers or professionals can engage in discussions and exchanges centered on the latest advancements in Materials in this international academic conference.

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