International Academic Conferences on Big Data and Smart Computing

An International academic conference bring together people who share a common discipline from different parts of the world, bringing different forms of ideas which build into something greater in world wide. International conference allows people to come together from different backgrounds to learn from each other and sharing knowledge for resolve problems It is an opportunity for academics, researchers, students and specialist, to present the results of their research efforts in front of academicians and professionals in a certain field of study and their work or theories or learn more about the most recent findings in the same field.

Big data refers to the Data, which is so large and fast in nature but is very difficult to processing by using traditional methods. On the other hand, Smart Data is readable and helpful from the get-go, giving actionable insights as the data is being collected. Computer transaction processing, documents, internet click stream logs, emails, mobile apps, social network sites, customer databases are some examples of big data. Big data may be three types such as structured, semi- structured and unstructured data. Structured data is highly organized while semi structured data partially and unstructured data is lack a predefined structure. Big data is used in the field of agriculture, medicine, environmental protection and gambling. It has an impact on various sectors of a city, public safety, transport, budget and many more.

In network system, big data and smart computing is imperative to guarantee critical functionalities such as dynamic data management, robust network performance, wide area situational awareness etc. In this computer age, big data and smart computing are emerging research fields that have been drawing much attention by academicians, researchers and professionals.

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