International Academic Conferences on Hyponatremia

An International Academic Conference is an event for researchers to present, discuss and finding theories of their scholarly work. It helps to make research on a particular subject with current findings a great way to gain knowledge and developed ourselves, which allows researchers, students, professors, and scholars to come together from different areas to learn from each other. It is also a platform where you get a chance to share your research findings and engage in insightful discussions with others on the latest happenings of a particular subject in your field of study. An academic conference should include a variety of sessions and activities, such as keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and poster sessions. When a presentation does not have these clear sections such as introduction, body and conclusion, then it can be very difficult for listeners to follow what is being said. During academic conference presentation effective introductions are required.

Hyponatremia is a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in the blood is too low and in this condition, the body holds onto too much water. Too much of water dilutes the amount of sodium in the blood and causes levels to be low. Sodium helps regulate the amount of water that’s in and around our cells. When this condition happens, our body’s water levels rise and our cells begin to swell. And this swelling can cause many health problems in our body. When sodium levels dilutes from our blood then some symptoms occur in our body like, headache, confusion, nausea and vomiting, loss of energy, restlessness and irritability, drowsiness and fatigue, muscle weakness, spasms or cramps, coma and seizures etc. In this condition, patients need immediate medical care.

Sodium in our body helps to maintain normal blood pressure, regulates our body’s fluid balance and supports the work of our nerves and muscles. A normal blood sodium level is between 135 to 145 mill equivalents per liter. When the level of Sodium falls below 135 then hyponatremia occurs. Sodium imbalance occurs due to many possible conditions and lifestyle factors such as certain medications, syndrome of inappropriate anti diuretic hormone, drinking too much water, chronic, severe vomiting or diarrhea and other causes of dehydration, heart, kidney and liver problems, the recreational drug ecstasy, hormonal changes etc. To prevent hyponatremia you treat associated conditions, educate yourself about your condition, consider drinking sports beverages during demanding activities, take precautions during high intensity activities and drink water in moderation.  

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